Darya Restaurant
Fine Persian Cuisine
Darya Restaurant
Fine Persian Cuisine

Darya Restaurant was established in 1986 by Ali Salout.  He and his wife were blessed with identical twin daughters (named Darya and Sadaf) in 1985. In the Farsi language Darya means 'Sea' and Sadaf means 'Shell,' so in English you have "Seashell."

He decided to name his restaurant Darya Restaurant.  Wait, you may say this isn't fair to the other twin.  Ali then opened a Restaurant in 1993 in La Jolla, San Diego and named it Sadaf Restaurant. After several years of going back and forth between restaurants, Ali decided to sell Sadaf Restaurant in San Diego and focused on establishing another restaurant in Los Angeles.

In 1996 Ali along with his brother, Shawn Saloot opened a restaurant in Santa Monica, California and named it Darya Restaurant due to the popularity of its Orange sister location.  Ali and Shawn are Currently partners in both the Orange location and the Santa Monica location.  They spend most of their time between the two restaurants.
Sadaf and Darya both decided to go to business school to follow their father's path.  They received their Masters and decided to to come into the restaurant business to learn more about the business and to help out.  Darya manages the banquet reservations at Darya Restaurant in Orange, CA, and Sadaf opened a restaurant located in Encino, CA in 2011 and named it Sadaf Restaurant. Click her to read more about Sadaf Restaurant

Ali, Shawn, Daya and Sadaf promise you fine dining Persian Cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients, a true Persian hospitality, and a memorable experience.

We are not affiliated with any other restaurant named Darya Restaurant.

Darya - W. Los Angeles
12130 Santa Monica Blvd.
Tel: 310-442-9000
Darya - Orange
1998 N. Tustin Ave.
Tel: 714-921-2773